Anyone who has considered adoption can see that there are many challenges to this path. Even though same-sex marriages are now legal in North Carolina, there are still more challenges and obstacles for LGBT families who wish to adopt. Whether you’re working with a licensed agency or a private adoption process, you may still face discrimination, prejudice, and mistreatment. If you work with an experienced same-sex family or adoption attorney, then you can get through this process with less stress.

It is illegal for anyone to discriminate against same-sex couples who wish to adopt. However, that doesn’t necessarily stop it from happening. There are plenty of ways to discriminate without obviously breaking the law, and you may face increased difficulties, without the reason being obviously stated. An LGBT family attorney can make all the difference. Your lawyer will know what to watch out for and how to protect your rights throughout the process of adoption.

Then, you have the issue of parentage when a same-sex couple has a child together. In the past, only one of the parents could be the legal parent. Today, if you are married and raising a child together, whichever partner is not already the legal parent can adopt the child for that legal recognition. To do this, you will need an LGBT family law attorney.

Even if your child is the product of a past relationship, the person who is helping to raise that child can adopt. There are many things to consider and work out in a situation like this, and the decision will certainly change your life. You’ll want to review the pros and cons of the choices in front of you with an LGBT family attorney. You’ll also find that some judges don’t like to approve these adoptions, so you’ll benefit from the help of an experienced legal professional.

It is generally simpler to adopt the child of your spouse than it is to adopt a child through an adoption agency. Still, there are challenges and frustrations to cope with during this time. Your LGBT family attorney can make it much simpler and less overwhelming. They can fight discrimination and take aggressive actions to combat unfair treatment.